Written By: Bekkah (Bek) Marshall

The article title when answered reveals a lot about a person’s place and position in the world.

Take a moment and think about it, what’s your answer? What does your answer highlight about your access to clean drinking water?

Daily Water a poetic piece by Bek, Eco & Water Solutions Strategist and Poet

Around parts of the world, if this question was asked to a girl or woman she would raise her hand and point to the direction of a river, lake, pond or stream. Many girls and women shoulder the weight of fetching daily water alone or in groups of other girls and/or women. These daily treks exposes them to potential assaults and animal attacks. All these obstacles faced to successfully collect water teeming with parasites, viruses, bacteria and any other contaminants invisible to the eyes. This water story cycles daily and beacons to be written with different less life threatening possibilities.

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On International Womens Day and each and every day. Clean water access for many girls and women resonates as a human right. Unfortunately many girls and women must daily confront a status of not having enough privilege to drink clean water with ease.

Water Story Share

An invitate to Women Mentors to Teen Girls, Women Scholars, Women Professionals & Empowered Collaborators. Share you water stories with each other. Take action to improve the water story of someone or a community today! 💧

What role will you play in the water stories that beacon for exposure, new developments and outcomes?

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Bekkah Marshall (Bek), Eco & Water Solutions Strategist serves as a consultant and speaker on the topics of Women and Water Issues, Strategizing Water Solutions for Africa & the African Diaspora and Community Empowerment in Addressing & Creating Sustainable Eco connected Water Solutions.

Bekkah has over a decade of experience as a Certified Environmental Health Professional and Environmental Regulatory Official- Drinking Water & Domestic Wastewater. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science – Water Quality & Treatment Specialization from the University of South Florida.