Let’s trek…

Please gather around virtually for the details of this trek ….

source: https://newsela.com/read/cape-town-water-crisis/id/40157/

Virtual Trek Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Virtual Trek Briefing: Trekking back in time to Early 2018. Zooming in on Cape Town, South Africa with Capetonians grappling with a growing water shortage that is causing the city’s past of inequality, pockets of poverty, government missteps and a human rights plea to spring to the surface.

Let’s trek backward then forward.

Trek time : 9 minutes 13 seconds

What are the water issues and concerns?

  • water availability
  • water usage
  • water planning
  • increased population
  • potential water conflicts & much more…

Bonus Trek

This video is a perfect example of how scholars, strategists and stakeholders play an important role in addressing water crises.

Trek time : 24 minutes 50 seconds

Cape Town: Day Zero Delayed for Now

Trek time : 2 minutes 35 seconds


source: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/cape-town-water-crisis-day-zero-overflowing-dams/

The Cape Town water crisis is a warning to all municipalities across the globe.

It is a reminder to countries and communities that teeter on the edge of a water crisis to strategically plan. It only takes a prolonged drought to cripple a water supply

For now the Capetonians have avoided a total disaster of conflict and water unavailability.

Municipalities are scrambling for water sources to satisfy growing populations. What’s the water story in your local area?

-Bek, Trek With Bek Project


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