Virtual Trek Location: Windhoek, Namibia

Virtual Trek Briefing: Walvis Bay’s municipality is taking a play out of Windhoek’s book & considering recycling their wastewater into purified drinking water. There are opposing views!

What are the water issues and concerns?

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Let’s trek…

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 📍GPS coordinate of Windhoek, Namibia

Here is the global positioning data for our virtual trek.

The latitude of Windhoek is -22.560881, and the longitude is 17.065755. Windhoek is a city is located at Namibia with the gps coordinates of 22° 33′ 39.1716” S and 17° 3′ 56.718” E. The elevation of Windhoek is 1655.192, the time zone is Africa/Windhoek.

The realness unfolds when the recycling of wastewater creates cups filled with controversy. Come look at this 👀

Municipalities are scrambling for water sources to satisfy growing populations. What’s the water story in your local area?