Bekkah Marshall, CEHP

Certified Environmental Health Professional (CEHP), Trained Environmental Scientist, Global Water Strategist, Speaker, and Instructor


Bekkah Marshall, CEHP is a Certified Environmental Health Professional- targeting waterborne disease prevention, a Trained Environmental Scientist specializing in Water Quality & Treatment, and a Global Water Strategist with a focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation and Women in the Water Sector.

She has over 17 years of cumulative experience in drafting water quality reports, conducting food & water security surveillance, creating preliminary environmental assessments, performing on-site wetland delineations, and holding water utility permitees and water polluters accountable through regulatory inspections of water treatment systems and waterways.

She holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Science with a concentration in Water Quality & Treatment from the University of South Florida and received dual Graduate Certificates—one in Wetland & Water Resource Management from the University of Florida and another in Government Management from Walden University.

She currently serves as Chief Strategist and Owner of BMPowered Consulting and Services. The company primarily provides consultations addressing environmental health, science, and regulatory standards while offering accompanying assessment services.

As a speaker & instructor, she’s positioned to present on a range of topics such as

  • Environmental & Water Regulations: Effective Communication Leading to Routine Compliance
  • Environmental Health and Waterborne Disease Prevention:
  • Water Quality and Treatment Research and Innovation: Rural Communities
  • Water Quality and Treatment Research and Innovation: Municipal Drinking Water Systems
  • Empowering & Equipping Women in the Water Sector to Be Better Strategists
  • Strategic Environmental Advocacy & Insightful Community Engagement
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation: Accelerating Implementation of Water Quality & Access Initiatives Involving Women & Girls
  • Women & Global Water Security: Challenges and Success
  • Black Women, Culture, and Community: Water Solutions through a Collaborative Approach

Bek strives for sustainable water solutions daily by inviting women stakeholder collectives and organizations to connect and collaborate for a Better Planet!

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After watching your presentation, I will be following your work. It is clear you know a lot about the environment.

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You’re AMAZING and very knowledgeable – environmental justice, subject matter expert!

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