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Sierra Leone 🇸🇱

Eco Learning Journey Details

Length of program: 6-week instructed course, pre-recorded sessions. 

Course Design:
The course structure is designed based on professional standards, collegiate environmental science programs, and middle to high-school-level academic standards.

Course ideal for pre-collegiate middle schoolers and high schoolers who have an interest in STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math) and/or environmentally related subjects such as environmental science, environmental engineering & environmental health.

Weekly Journeys:
Each week the scholar will solve a water issue as an environmental scientist, environmental engineer, environmental health professional, and environmental policy maker based on a real-world water project in Sierra Leone.

In addition, the scholar will explore Sierra Leone’s natural environment and learn about its biodiversity & more

Language and Culture
Learning about the culture and a few phrases in Krio are also explored.

International Correspondents:
Directors of water projects, collegiate scholars & business professionals in Sierra Leone are consulted to provide up-to-date information and scenarios. 

Join in this one-of-a-kind experience that values culture and collaboration! We trek beyond the textbooks yet approach topics from both high school and college prep levels for scholars who have an interest in environmental studies.

Designed with Black Youth Scholars and Black Independent Educators in Mind.

Let’s trek for a Better Planet!

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