Who is Eco Savvy Bek?

Welcome to the page of a geeky yet cool, Strategist, Speaker & Instructor.

With my expertise, women stakeholders are well-positioned to facilitate and manage sustainable water solutions.

In order to advance water initiatives, I combine consensus-building strategies with collaborative problem-solving approaches. Over time, this has earned me the snazzy name, “Eco Savvy Bek.”

I will briefly highlight my professional background, ready here it goes…

Overall I operate as a Global Water Strategist yet let me break this down more:
💧Trained Environmental Scientist – Specialization: Water Quality & Treatment
💧Certified Environmental Health Professional -Concentration: Waterborne Disease Prevention
💧Water Project Manager (Water Solutions Strategist)- Focus: Strategizing Solutions for Women-Based Organizations

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Eco Savvy Academy

The Eco Savvy Academy, an online platform, was created out of a demanding need to offer virtual hands-on training and educational resources to women-based organizations serving underserved and remote communities, worldwide. Currently, educational offerings sprout from the rising needs of women-based organizations and stakeholder collectives, seeking eco-driven water solutions. The Eco Savvy Academy teaching methods blend art, science, and collaboration as inspired by the collective works and words of Dr. Wangari Maathi and Dr. Maya Angelou.

Experienced Instruction with Hope, Heart & Savvy

Connect for a Better Planet

You are invited to trek with me as I share my professional & personal journeys with heart, humor & savvy. Our treks together are about us being better while making this planet better. I am ready to move forward on tough terrain with compassion and an adventurous spirit. If you are ready, let’s connect and trek for a Better Planet! ” ~ Eco Savvy Bek

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