This space highlights more than 20+ years of academic and professional experiences of addressing & solving environmental & water issues.

Eco Savvy Bek

Eco Savvy Bek


Bekkah Marshall aka Eco Savvy Bek is a Trained Environmental Scientist, Certified Health Professional & Eco & Water Strategist, Speaker & Instructor. She combines her expertise & compassionate wisdom to create & facilitate sustainable environmental & water solutions for Black Women Organizations through products & services.

Bekkah Marshall through her company BMPowered C&S, primarily serves Black Women Organizations & predominantly Black Communities throughout Florida, USA & virtually on a global scale.

Empowering & Equipping Black Women Organizations & Communities

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Presentation on You Tube

Presentation highlights:
• drinking water – know where your drinking water comes from, common contaminants removed from drinking water & common drinking water treatment methods
• handling drinking water quality issues effectively
•. brief summary of the Environmental Protection Agency required annual water drinking water report for public water systems
• case studies of water quality issues & solutions in predominantly Black Communities in the United States of America


Check description box of the Know the Drinking Water Basics video on Youtube

Download the Know the Drinking Water Basics checklist & more.